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About | Bliss Golf Shop

Innovative Spirit

Founded in 2023 by fans of the game.

Bliss makes performance balls and apparel for golfers who want to look and play their best on the course.


Playful Sophistication

Bliss products cater to the golfer who plays the game with intensity but doesn't let the traditional solemnity of the sport define them.

Bliss Golf strikes the perfect balance between earnest performance and a playful, approachable aesthetic.

We believe in sophistication without the rigidity, crafting gear that’s both high-quality and high-spirited.


Authentic Underdog

At the heart of Bliss Golf is an underdog story, fueled by a passion that transformed a newfound love for the game into a mission.

Our founder's journey from novice to enthusiast mirrors our brand's ascent—intrepid, genuine, and unafraid to challenge the status quo. We're not just making our mark; we're redefining the mark for golfers everywhere.